GOF V10.12 New

Apr 28 2024 release info

GOF Integrated Platform

GOF ECO: Functional ECO Tool
  • Automatic functional ECO
  • RTL guided functional ECO
  • RTL Patch ECO without resynthesis
  • Metal only ECO with spare gates
GOF Formal: Fault Verification Tool
  • Calculate SPFM and LFM
  • Cone of Influence Analysis
  • Support Stuck-at 0/1 and SEU
  • Debug and dump VCD for fault
GOF LEC: Logic Equivalence Checking Tool
  • RTL to netlist LEC
  • Netlist to netlist LEC
  • SVF file support
  • Fully parallel processing

Reference netlist ECO Flow

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Complete ECO Solutions

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RTL Guided Functional ECO Flow

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